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October 24, 2003

Got my hair cut today...

I got fed up of the silly curls again, recently they seemed to be waaay out of control. I don't look like me anymore though! Oh well. It'll grow back :-\ or I'll begin to recognise myself again... or both. De dumm...

I've also handed in my project plan thing in. Woo. That's one deadline out of the way! One of the sodding lifts was busted again in the tower - but then it was to be expected. After they fixed it last week it used to close the doors and wait 15 seconds before dropping about 3 inches, scaring you and then doing what it was meant to do. Hmmm. All the lifts on campus are shit.

[Listening to: Four Tops, The - Loco In Acapulco]
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