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October 21, 2003

A whole can of 'geek'

Hummm... just realised that there is a whole can of geek waiting for folks on the front page of the blog at the moment, enough to turn anyone way :)

So what have I done today?

Well as you may have noticed from my earlier txt, I hate Tuesdays, they are too long and there are waaay too many lectures and crap in them. Not good.

Time to post about one of my annoyances I suppose... people who stand talking in 'thoroughfare junctions' around buildings and stuff. Grrr... stand to the side for pity's sake! Yeah so you've just bumped into a long lost last 'seen at breakfast in hall' friend and you decided to have a chat. But don't do it where you bumped into them, that's a silly idea, 'cause then everyone else bumps into each other behind you. Doorways... people who have conversations while stood between fire doors also piss me off (as in with them shutting on them) :)

I blame new 1st years myself - the same freaks who get a lift to go up a whole 2 floors in a freaking 16 floor tower, 'causing tailbacks for people who want to go to, say, project labs on the 9th floor :) I had to take the stairs earlier today so I didn't have to get stuck in a smelly lift with hundreds of folk (one lift was bust, so only one was working), nearly killed myself doing it, but that's not the point.

And going from floor 4 to floor 2 in the lift is just as bad... it's still 2 floors!

Hmmm... I think my rant's over now.

[Listening to: Avril Lavigne - I'm With You]
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