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October 19, 2003

SMS Ticker

Well seeing as I now have a mobile phone and about a zillion free messages I might as well do something onmy blog with it :) So now on the sidebar thing there is an SMS message scroller so where ever I am I can send a txt about something and you can read it :) Magic stuff eh?

Unfortunatly it's grey, and I want it to be some other colour - I can only pick from 16 and they are all full colours (and 3 grey shades), whatever the real word for that is... erm, it's like 16 colour mode in Windows :) 4 bit colour... :)

I think I'll probably have to write my own code to do it, but that means I've got to learn how to program Java :) Eeek. (or spend ages finding one on the web that will do exactly what I want it to!)

[Listening to: Ben Folds Five - Song For The Dumped]
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