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October 18, 2003

Corned Beef

Well after seeing a WWTBAM with a question on about 'When food is corned, how is it preserved?' The guy struggled on the question, which I suppose is fair enough as I wouldn't have known if I hadn't seen the options - I guessed the correct answer by knowing that corned beef doesn't taste of vinegar, it's not oily and I forget what the other one was...formaldehyde maybe <shrug>

Anyways, I noticed this message written in capitals on the back of a tin of corned beef which Ant and I shall be hashing for tonight's meal.

The familiar term 'Corned Beef' derives from the 'corns' of salt traditionally used in the curing process. Princes Corned Beef is made from only beef.

The only reason I can see them putting this so blatantly on their can is because people may have accused them in the past of being devious and mixing corn with beef to make corned beef, or something - hmmm. I'd have thought it not saying corn in the ingredients was a bit of a give away!

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