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October 17, 2003

Phonecard Issues... again

Well I had phonecard issues again today. When I called Amanda I could hear a French person in the backgroud. Oh someone else must want to use the phone I thought. I could hear Amanda and then she hung up.

I called again... heard Amanda and another conversation once again Amanda couldn't hear me.

Then I tried again... got an American this time, but still Amanda couldn't hear me.

Then I called the old fashioned way and it worked fine.

I've now called the call company and spoke to someone who is Italian I'm guessing and he asked for my pin number and checked to see if there was a problem. There is :) (no shit) so he's crediting my card with some money apparantly :) How nice? :)

Update: They have given me 6p of calls (as in what I spent on the card during the messups)... what about the money it cost me to connect to their service (18p). Tut. I won't begin on the money it cost to call using conventional methods! Grrr.

Posted by Ed at October 17, 2003 7:51 PM | Rant |