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October 16, 2003

I lost a friend today

Well I seem to have lost quite a long time Internet friend today. It's a bit sad really, and prolly most of you will have heard me mention her more than once I suppose. Apparantly it's all my fault, and I don't give a damn about her, which is nice. Although I'm not exactly sure what I've done that has pissed her off so much.

Apparantly I've done something wrong and failed her. But either because I'm a shit friend or it's only something subtle in a female if you don't know what you've done wrong there's no point me telling you way. I have no idea.

It made me quite sad earlier, but as she's said it's not working, 'cause apparantly I'm not trying - how she know's this I don't know, but I've decided what's the point?! what is the point of trying to be friends with someone who contanstly moans that your a shit friend? And wasn't it like a primary school and things where you actually told people 'I'm not your friend anymore, you're not coming to my birthday party'... I thought at this age if friendships were to die then they just did so gracefully (in a sort of drift apart and not speak no more way) as so many of my friendships have done in the past.

Oh well. 1998-2003 that's a long time! Someone who I've know for ages, gone like that! Nice.

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