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October 14, 2003

Breaky website

Humm... some of you will have noticed that earlier today the website seemed to be broken lots. I have no idea why it happened. Although I have a feeling that it's our router/modem that can't cope with connections or something - as rebooting the modem seems the fix the problem.

It's rather annoying to fix or troubleshoot as the Internet works fine inside the house and you notice no problems.

Oh well.

In other news today has been like the first year all over again :( 5 hours of poo. At least it means that the rest of my week is much better I suppose.

Earlier this evening I became all sad and depressed (wooo... a depressed Ed moment on his blog!). But I have no idea why :( Grrrr... it's well annoying. Things are going around in my head lots and lots I suppose. Thousands of little thoughts all building up and dieing down again. I suppose it could be my cold or something that's making me think in overtime! Who knows? That used to happen lots when I was younger to be honest. I used to think about stuff over and over and over and then I'd be violently ill. I never did workout however if I was thinking because I was ill, or whether the repetative loop of thought in my head made me ill. I guess I'll never know. All I know it that I fear it happening tonight. <fingers crossed>

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