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September 30, 2003

Maan that was a busy day!

Today I've:-

  • gone to a lecture
  • seen my tutor
  • handed in my module form
  • changed the address of my bank account with the bank
  • activated my student loan
  • and been to three meetings (about 2 hours each)


The lecture was fun, 'cause I'm like blatantly in a 1st year module thingy :) Which is nice! People kept coming up to me and shaking my hand and telling me what degree they were doing and if I like the week one party last night (or if I managed to get tickets for it). I didn't let on that I wasn't actually a 1st year and that I was a 4th year :) Much more fun people watching that way! Everything was also so slow! Like painfully! Oh well! Hopefully I'll get good marks!

I've also got my project, but I'll talk about that later, 'cause I've got a splitting headache!

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