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September 4, 2003

Bully advert and Blog Parallels

Has anyone seen those new anti-bullying adverts? You know the ones where the child leaves messages to let somone know that they are being bullied?

I've just thought - I use my blog for this all the time, expect not for my parents, but for other people. Why? 'cause I'm selfish and I want people to read how crap I think my life is, so they can IM or comment and tell me it's not so I'll feel better. Maybe it's so they can read it and gain support from it. You know what I mean? Maybe there isn't much of a parallel after all! I suppose it helps me let out what I'm thinking, and unlike a secret diary it acts as a restraint knowing that everyone can read what you've written, 'cause everyone knows don't keep a diary, 'cause one day it'll keep you. I also like the idea of reading between the lines, in my posts, 'cause ambiguity is good in my rambling posts, it causes people to talk to me about stuff instead of me being ignored. Suppose it's like setting your MSN signin name to something odd, you know people will go 'you f**k fish?' and they say yeah I had a big fork and a fish and I put the fork into the fish and you'll go "ah!", but at least your talking to them instead of just feeling good that they are online.

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