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July 31, 2003

Digital camera has arrived :)

Wooo... my camera arrived today...

Now I would write more but I'm tired and I have to be up at silly o'clock to go to Lancaster.

So here are some random photos I took to test the wee beast in my garden.

Cactus Flowers       Fuchia  

Tonight I got an unexpected call from my friend Kate who was back in town. So I ended up going for a few drinks with her and the rest of the people who were home. Maybe not so good an idea seeing as I have to get up at about 7.30am to go to Lancaster tommorrow, but oh well!

So yeah, as I'm away for a while don't expect any updates... although keep checking because I might find an internet connection... you never know!

[Listening to: 99Th Floot Elevators - I'll Be There]
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