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July 29, 2003

The bath saga continues

After tea we decided in a fit of madness that we would be able to get the bath down the stairs with the four of the male members of the family. "We'll have it done by 6pm". Riiiiight.

Well after much grunting and the like we finally moved it out of the bathroom. And set it off down the first set of stairs... uneventful enough :)

Then comes getting the bath down the huge set of stairs... hehe :) We realised that the bath was too wide - arse. So then had to rotate it around and shuffle it into bedrooms and crap (yeah... crap, there was a lot of crap). After lots of discussion we went for the big down the stairs move... luckily it didn't run away from us.

It's now outside awaiting collection - a job well done I think :)

Oh and the camera is now 'Recently Dispatched'... you never know it might be here tomorrow... even though the estimated delivery date is still 29 July 2003... :)

[Listening to: Buddy Holly & The Crickets - Wishing]
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