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July 24, 2003

#All by myself#

Suppose I'd better update all you reader people :)

I didn't update last night, that was because I was in Bradford meeting one of Amanda's housemates. Was quite cool, and I didn't realise that you can get a return ticket there for one whole English pound... yes that's one English pound, no more no less... how cool is that!?

Today we went on a random drive, the only interesting thing from this was that a sheep nearly met it's maker (and the front grill of my car :)) Stupid animal.

I was also suprised by the large number of temporary road signs that there were around the place, we must have been through at least 5 of them on our little jaunt.

Then I had to take Amanda to the station in Wakefield... hehe, what fun this was. I sense I don't want to go there again! Oh well :) On the way home I just picked a random road and drove until I recognised a place name to drive to :) Hehe :)

I'm all lonely now :(

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