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July 20, 2003

Back home again, again

Well I'm back in sunny Halifax again, this time with cargo :)

Was quite funny today (well in amongst being annoying). We went to the station to change Amanda's return train ticket to make it so she could visit. What a queue... (well a whole 6 people in front of us...). A woman was there trying to book a ticket to Scotland... how hard could it be!?

I don't want a berth, 'cause I've have to buy two as I'm travelling alone.

I can make it so you change in Edinburgh.

That would be lovely.

Crap continues...

So, you are changing in Edinburugh.

Ooooh... I don't know Ediburugh staion very well... it's been 2 years since I was there...(!!!!)

I don't want a berth, 'cause I've have to buy two as I'm travelling alone.

That's why you're now chaging in Edinburgh.

Ah... how long will I be waiting there?

55 minutes

That's a long time, I'll be alone

I'm sure there will be lots of people doing the same thing.

I could go on, but then I would be typing for 30 mins, and it would take 30 mins for you to read it... you get the gist...

Luckly there were two positions open... but at the other one there was a man, buying train tickets (whatelse?), to, er, Scotland... ffs... how can it be that difficult!

Grrrr... so yeah, 6 people queue, two train ticket bookings to Scotland and 45 mins later... we changed the ticket times... rock on...

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