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July 15, 2003

Woo... lots of stuff to report

Yesterday in a conversation I decided that I was wasting the holidays away for no good reason. So today I decided to do stuff - even if it was silly stuff, to make me feel like I've done something... here goes:

  • Got woken up at 10am so that I could put my contacts in, 'cause the optician bloke wanted them to have been worn for at least 4 hours before he saw me later in the day.
  • Then I went to the 'famed' farmshop my mum and dad can't stop going on about... that was a waste of time... 'it's a butchers on a frigging hill mum'... 'No Ed, it's a farm shop, that's what farm shops are like' Whatever...
  • Got a form to close one of my many bank accounts to make my finances simpler. Still got to fill it in.
  • Went to the opticians for a 10 min, 'oooh look you can still see' checkup.
  • Came back and found mum in the garden. I noticed that the next door neighbours gutter cover had come off, so decided to put that back for them. Grrr... Scratched my hands doing it.
  • Then I noticed that our water butt was empty... so I filled that up.
  • I remembered the fun I had getting through our garden gate the last two nights, what with it sticking due to the roots getting bigger and pushing up the ground. So I did my yearly beat the crap out of the ground with something heavy mission.
  • Then I went to visit my Gran in hospital. This was exciting... her drip thing came out and she started gushing blood everywhere... nice... :-s
  • I came back and finished all the odd jobs missions on GTA Vice City. Now I have 150 Health, 150 Armor, can run forever and don't get burnt. Ah... still need to do the 100 taxi things to get bouncy taxis... I sense I will do that tonight :-)

I'm sooo bored. Someone think of a cunning project for me to do!

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