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July 9, 2003

Back home...

Well I'm now back home after my jaunt down south.

Sorry for not doing any more thrilling updates while down there. This was due to a rather full (read as 0 bytes free) harddrive in the server... doh. The frequent visitors among you will have also noticed the website die. Doh!


On Monday we went to Windsor, which was cool. We failed to go into the castle because once again they were charging silly amounts of money to get in.

Erm... we also drove around Slough, which was fun... looking for sites from the start of a certain funny (but only to some) BBC comedy :)

This was followed with the shisha evening... hehe... this was somewhat of a distaster and ended up with us all in Tesco's buying doughnuts instead. Once again I was the only male present... oh well!

On Tuesday we didn't do that much, and we didn't do much today either.

All in all it 'twas cool. :-)

Now I've got to find something to interest me here :-(

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