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June 25, 2003

Ever get the feeling you are being stalked?

I've just been looking through my the list of people things have searched for on my blog... and I've come to the conclusion that I (or rather my girlfriend) is being stalked... there seem to be multiple searches for her name, my name and the word 'love'1, from places such as the University of York and someone from Merton College at the University of Oxford... you know who you are! And if I put my mind to it/ask the correct questions to the correct people. I too will know who you are :) I refer you back to this post.

Humm... that was quite a while ago actually... so you may not read the blog now2, after being disappointed about the lack of juicy info about her... :-P Oh well, I shall talk to myself :)

Ah well that's my excitement gone for the day.

1You were also looking for pictures of me it seems... for the hitman?

2Just checked my logs, and you don't3

3Well not from uni

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