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June 11, 2003


I'm well tired. Which is odd 'cause I'm sure I got quite a bit of sleep last night. Oh well... and my eyes sting as well :(

But hey this time tommorrow I will be on a plane going to a hot place :)

And then I'll be hanging around in this hot place with nowhere to go for 13 hours. I'm not looking forward to that one little bit. On no, not at all. Arse.

If I can find a cyber café in Lanzarote expect updates, if I can't you won't get any :) Hehe. So this may be the last post for a week or so! How will you live without updates?

Oh, and sorry for the downtime of the server recently. That was because the harddrive in the server got full becase of fetchmail logging lots of crap, over and over again - hopefully it won't die while I'm away!

[Listening to: Placebo - Days Before You Came]
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