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June 9, 2003

Wooah... load of days missed

Well it looks like I've missed loads of days this is not good :(

So what's happened in the past few days.... well I went to Halifax to get things for my impending holiday to Lanzarote. This also involved my girlfriend meeting my family, oh this was a humourous occasion indeed. She suddenly realised why I was more worried about her meeting them, that she should have been :) She's prolly realised why I am like I am now I suppose :D hehe. That seems like ages ago now, and I've almost forgotten all the not that interesting stuff we did.

Last night was my first time on the Chairing group table at union council. That was fun. Got elected on to some committees as well, even more exciting :) But not as exciting as typing up the minutes... oh I'm lying :)

In the next 3 days before I go on holiday it looks like I've got no time to be by myself for self contemplation... maaan it's more stressful than it was when I had work on!

You might get another update later today if you are lucky!

[Listening to: Fluke - Zion]
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