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June 1, 2003

Still Tired, but it's over!

Well that's it, it was all back in the storeroom at 8.12am. I'm still really tired and have my presentation tommorrow :( We've been working on that all afternoon! It's waaay too stuffy everywhere, and the bit of rain didn't ward off the ick :(

Oh well this just leaves me with a poll question for you all :)

If you weren't there this will prolly baffle you :) Basically it was a question asked to me by a secruity guard while sat around a fire.

Him: Have you ever burnt a fooking pigeon?
Me: No.
Him: Smells like fooking chicken.
Me: OK.
Him: Last time we fooking burnt one it took fooking 4 weeks to fooking burn. It was like fooking ash when we'd done it. That's a sign of how much of a fooking pest they are. Fooking flea ridden fookers.
Me: I'll be going back to main stage now I feel.
Him: See you mate

Maybe it helps if I do the accent :)

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