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May 29, 2003


Once again it appears another day has passed where I haven't posted to the blog! Oh dear. Close friends will realise how distrought I become on the turn of midnight, when I realise that I have not posted.

Yesterday's excuse was that I was 'on tour' in Derby University Students' Union Bar celebrating Owen's birthday.

Other things I did yesterday included an all you can eat buffet at Pizza Hut.... grrr, it's half term, so there was loads of kids running around... and loads of balchey parents pushing in and things at the buffet counter... nice...

I also sat by the lake and drunk beer. This was quite, quite cool :)

Hummm that's about it really! I sense I've got lots of work to be doing over the next couple of days... hell my viva is in 13 hours time :) Hopefully I'll find an internet connected PC sometime to post more cool goings on, but who knows! There may be even more missed days going on :(

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