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May 22, 2003

The day so far...

Last night to celebrate the end of my exams I went out into town and get rather leathered. Hehe. All was well until the morning when I felt as rough as a rough thing, that had been roughened by a rough making thing. This was not good.

Had a nice walk back along the canal which was cool.

Upon arriving back at home I thought I'd try and sleep. This didn't happen for very long, say about 30mins. I then did the php-ification, which was nice.

I also played GTA Vice City for a while. That seems like a good way of wasting time :)

Upon talking to Josephine, it appeared that Daniel Beddingfield was in the studio at the radio station! In a cheeky way in which only Ed can be, he got her to get him to sign a poster :) Should be arriving at my door in a fortnight or so - well it's got to come from the other side of the world :) Thank you!

We've also tried installing Linux on Ant's laptop, so we can do cunning stuff like house roaming webcam action and the like :) This hasn't gone according to plan, as we were aiming to do a network install, but couldn't get it to work with the PCMCIA network card... doh... I'm currently downloading a 650Mb ISO to install it from CD in the good old fashioned way.

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