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May 11, 2003

Annual Dinner!

'twas the annual dinner last night :) Very nice, very nice indeed. It wasn't without it's humour, as these event generally are :)

Pre-meal BBQ in an old convent, bloody rained didn't it!?

Meal... this was ok. I like the chocolate rum roulade.. even though it had never seen chocolate in it's life before... beef in vegetarian options.. interesting concept.

I fear I was the only person who enjoyed the speech... when I say enjoyed I probably don't mean that, but I did find it interesting! No really! He just had an interesting style of telling his stories that was all :) Maybe it's 'cause I'm the same and bore people with my stories of old! :D

Clubbing afterwards... hehe very good. Very cool :) Cheers guys (and girl!) for a great night!

[Listening to: Simple Plan - Addicted]
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