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May 7, 2003

It's over...

Looked quite nice from up here :)
Yey, the rig that could have been the biggest arse in the world is over. Done. Finito. (well I hope so)

Another gap on the calendar, 'cause I didn't have time to post yesterday! What a stressful day it was. There is definitely an art to trying to solve 4 problems at once...

You are in the middle of solving problem A. Someone calls you over to problem B, you have a look and walk off to get the solution. Then someone stops you as they have found problem C... (so currently we have 1/2 completed problems A and B and a new problem C). C's an easy problem to solve... you wander from location C to carry on getting the solution, and get asked about problem D. By now person at problem B has decided you've buggered off and gets annoyed.

And you can't do anything about it. You tell the people coming with problems to be patient... but they think 'cause you are walking somewhere you are free... grrr.... even people I'd never met before were coming to me so I could try and solve their problems....! Arghhhhh! The joys of being assumed as the 'production manager' by all and sundry. And my rôle for the event... lowly followspot operator... lol.

At one point during the day I considered getting a TakeATicket machine installed on my belt.

Pity the rig was off when the photo was taken...
Finially... no event write up in would be complete without the Lighting&Sound International style smug "look at me stood in front of 'my' creation photo..."

Oh, well all is done and back in the store now... I hope :)

A huuuge thanks to all who helped to make my life less stressful yesterday! *hug*

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