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May 4, 2003

Nín hâo

Well then... work stopped again. I went shopping... and then I went to McDonald's. This was very amusing. Some idiot mum having ago at one of the employees 'cause some 'crazy mad carpark man' had a go at her, 'cause he'd had a go at her because her son had made it daughter cry, by asking what the Chinese for 'Hello' was.

Reason being that this little boy (aged about 8 or 9) had spoken to the man complimenting him on his trainers. He then started talking to the daughter, who was shy. Instead of realising that she was shy, he assumed she didn't speak English :) Anyway. the mum at this point didn't realise how her son asking someone who looked like they were from China what the chinese for 'hello' was could offend them - lol... like anyone would ever do a thing like that anyway ;-)

Apparently the man got irate and started f'ing and blinding at this mum and their family. He then called the young lad uneducated. "How dare he call my son uneducated, he's an award winning football player on his school team" Daft bint. Oh how I love idiots. Anyway apparently it was all McD's fault for letting idiots in to their carparks... who the idiots are is debatable. Was well impressed with how the staff managed to handle the situation though :D

And before some smart arse comes and tells me that Nín hâo isn't CantoneseMandarin1 for hello, I know :) My source from China (erm... well not really, more like western America ;) [quite close...{woo nested parentheses<brackets>}]) has told me that there isn't really a word for hello, other than hello.

1laf, my inside source corrected me on this also ;)

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