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May 1, 2003

and continues...

Well I'm now well on the way to getting a final circuit... this is good.

I've got it sooo close, but it still doens't meet the specifications all that well... as a final last ditch attempt I am running the Discrete Component optimsers on about 10 components at once... hence I've got lots of time to write this, 'cause it's taking ages... I've already had it running out of memory on a number of occasions... currently it's at iteration 21508... humm.... this may take a while. I just hope it comes up with a result!

Still to do:

  • Write up for this piece of crap.
  • Finish patent crap - just need to add ZaZoom trademark thingy.
  • Pretty much write PIN Photodiode thing.

Deadline, 5pm 2nd May... arse.. that's less than 24 hours away. At least I'll be almost free after this... give or take the odd exam I suppose!

Expect an update later. (it's at 30916 now by the way)

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