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April 23, 2003

Title... I'm running out of titles dammit

A brief run down of the last 36 hours or so.

  • Woke up yesterday
  • Felt like crap
  • Went in to office to try and finalise AU ball
  • Felt like crap
  • Had food at home
  • Felt like crap
  • Went out and drank alcohol
  • Felt like crap
  • Drank more alcohol
  • Didn't feel as crap - all is well
  • Walked home
  • Felt like crap again
  • Dosed for a couple of hours
  • Got up
  • Felt like crap
  • Landlady came and mowed the lawnpatch of grass at the back of the house again - and delivered garden furniture! Woo woo!
  • Had food
  • Feel like crap

And we are now up to the present time. My internals are not happy things at the moment, I'd love to know what I've done to them that is making them get annoyed. Grrr.... maybe it was drinking out of date beer? Who knows!?

Drinking for tonight has been postponed for health and saftey reasons.

Time to do work I think!

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