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April 21, 2003

Cheating and how not to do it

Right... I've just watched Major Fraud on ITV. That seems to be a prime example of how not to cheat. Erm, what a idiot.

I think it's A1... yeah it's A1 all the way. <blah> <blah>... Craig David, I've never heard of him, <cough>. So yeah, Craig David is my final answer.

Nanomole... yeah that's a 1 with a hundred 0s after it, definately, couldn't be anything else. I mean Googol is well out. <cough> So anyway Googol is my final answer.

Guilty as sin.

Thing is we only heard about this because the Major was shit at it. How many people have cheated and won...?

Oh, and good one ITV with yer Benylin cough medicine advert in there, very good, very good indeed! :)

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