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April 14, 2003

Minority Report

This post is a bit of a test really. I'm seeing if it's possible to post to my blog from the living room, via the console of my linux box. I'm trying this because currently I'm watching Minority Report... it's quite clearly riveting stuff.

Waaaay too many faults for my liking, errors in the plot - things that haven't been worked out enough. That's what really annoys me you know, people thinking out weird and wonderful plots, but not checking they are coherent. All kinds of wrong. I'd list them all but I'm not into giving spoilers really. Hummm... it's nearly finished now... it's getting a bit better plot wise, I like twists in tales.

Ah, cool I can type this from within Emacs... rock on :-)

Oh dear, it's 3am. I want coffee, but it'll stop me from sleeping... doh... Hummm, and now it's 3.20am... looks like it's about to end... it just goes on and on this does.

3.22am, woo 'tis over...

How does this film rate in the top 250 films of all time (according to IMDb) I ask myself...

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