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April 9, 2003

Live: The Fall of Baghdad

Watching this on BBC1 at the moment. It sort of brings back memories of 9 November 1989, a whole bunch of people who feel that they have been freed destroying what has made their lives crap.

It was quite funny watching how inempt the people were at pulling down the statue of Saddam - we will use a rope, oh it's too short. We will get a steel cable... and tie it around the legs... humm.

And the the American's turn up and start using one of their vehicles... that's cheating. Let the Iraqi people do it themselves! Humm... now they've stuck an American flag over his head in a hangmans blindfold sort of way.... the cheeky fucks.

And now they've taken it off... well done... all brawn and no brains these American military grunts :)

Update: and now they are trying the same thing with the smallest Iraqi flag in the world.....

Update: and now they have taken the flag down again... make up your mind!

Update: Toppled :)

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