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April 5, 2003

Going back to uni tomorrow

Grrr... took ages to get to sleep last night (erm, this morning). Why does my brother have to practise his guitar at 4am!? Grrr. He's learning a good song though, Don McLean - Till Tomorrow.

Well I've had a day not too dissimilar to yesterday. Probably less eating though. I'm going back to uni tomorrow. Woo, woo - I think.

I really need to do a crap load of work. Work I thought I'd do here at home, but have failed in doing :( Well at least I've think I've rebuilt a bridge (reinforced maybe - there's lots of that going on at the moment, like in Wetherby and on that big viaduct near the Meadowhall... I digress :)) with at least one of my home friends, although lots of them weren't around :( (my fault for missing you all I suppose and only wanting to be home for a week, sorry *hugs*1) I'd say that there's always the summer, but you'll all be doing cool stuff like graduating and the like :)

Humm... maybe instead of being obsessed with trying to post to the blog at least once a day I should concentrate in doing interesting things instead? Just an idea :) I'm full of ideas. Implementation of these ideas unfortunately seems to be somewhat of a problem.

Blog entries are so much easier to post when your drunk :) Pity I'm sober :D

1 Humm... it's a sad world when you read other people's blogs and take on their ways of doing things :) You know who you are, oh, and now everyone else does :D I have no idea if you still read mine to be honest... :)

Ed was listening to "Daniel Bedingfield - I Can't Read You" when he wrote this post.

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