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April 3, 2003


Oh dear, I didn't post anything yesterday. That was because I wasn't here. I was taking part in the ClaudeStreet Spring 2003 Tour. Last night we visited Harrogate. It has to be said that it was a great night out! There will probably be a write up on the mothersite about it sooner or later, with photos and everything, so I won't bore you with all the details here - just some of them.

Hehe Jimmy's. You know it's all going to go wrong when your cloakroom ticket number is 13. I suppose it did get busier. I was well impressed by the DJ playing the song I'd requested as soon as I'd requested it. I was less than impressed by the fire alarm going off. Stuck on the 2nd storey of the building, no one seemed to care, so I didn't either. So my song got cut short and Electric 5, with Danger High Voltage started getting played... "Fire in the disco..." Oh, how we laughed!

Beware of kebabs in Harrogate. They aren't funny. Not funny at all. There's a picture of the one I ate on a camera somewhere. Cooked red cabbage has no right of place on any kebab, it's just all kinds of wrong. What is more worrying is that this was the 'best' kebab shop in Harrogate. They didn't do chicken tikka kebabs either :( They only did rotting chicken flesh kebabs, that were covered in beef dripping and tasted of lamb... humm...

I woke up this morning at about 6am, after getting to sleep at about 4am. I was itching, and my eyes and nose were running. Not a good sign. Still drunk, I pondered how excessive alcohol consumption could do such a thing.

Then it struck me. Cats. There were cats in the house - and I bet one of them had used the bed I was sleeping in previously. Bugger - I'm allergic to cats. I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep.

I woke up again, 'cause my nose was now running like a tap, only to find a cat's arse in my face. Nice. eventually I get the cat out of the room. But the bed has been well and truly catified. So I try to sleep on the floor. This doesn't do very well though. I realise I've got to drive home itching and running. Not a nice prospect. Somehow I managed this and all is nearly well now. My hands are just a bit itchy, as are my eyes :(

Oh, and I got my razor back, woo hoo!

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