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March 31, 2003

Mother's Day and the like

It was Mother's day today - well yesterday actually as some time thieving gypsy stole an hour from me last night - that was fun... erm...

I've just been sat up with my brother trying to help him revise for an A-Level (humm... I probably mean AS :)) chemistry mock, which he is sitting in approximatly 8 hours from now. I sense it will be him who gets the mocking. The first question asks "name the alcohol" and shows the structural formula of the said alcohol:

It's 3-methylbutan-2-ol if you care.

Anyway, he stares blankly at it and says, erm, some hydroxide or summat... I'm sensing the "name the alcohol" hint wasn't good enough. In an attempt to gauge his knowledge I drew:

And asked him to name that... no idea came the response... oh dear. Wish him luck! I suppose looking at one of his past papers has made me realise how little of my A-Level chemisty I actually remember. That's what you get from last minute revison I suppose.

Argh, I've got a banging headache. I can't help thinking it maybe time for bed :(

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