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March 23, 2003

Killing spam

Over the past year or so I've got a tad annoyed with spam - don't we all!

I get so much spam, it really does take the Michael. So I've download a few spam killing things of the net and tweaked them to kill most of my spam - ain't that great. Last year I used to get on average 100 emails a day in my inbox, of which about 80 would be spam.

Since implementation of the first spam killing system, the number of spam email in my inbox dropped to about 5 and then in another box there would be about 20 emails the system was unsure of, which I would have to check by hand.

Last week I installed another spam killing thing to complement the other one. Now I get about 1 misplaced spam a day. About 3 unsures and the rest correctly identified as spam. So far there has not been a misidentified spam appearing in the spam bin o'doom.

I just thought I'd share this with you.

Here's the two beastly filters I use. I added lots of filters to use in conjunction with SpamBouncer to remove spam that had been tailored to me.

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