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March 19, 2003

Why do I do it?

Well that rig that was put in yesturday has now been extracted. Jolly good. It's a bit of a pity it's so late really. I'm soooo tired.

It could have probably happened quicker if everyone wasn't so tired.

Random thoughts crap:

  • 90% of estates porters are twats.
  • 90% of everything is crap...
  • Oh that's it...

Ed is currently: Bloody Knackered

Oh and the random happy Ed phase seems to have stopped. Bugger, I was quite liking that. Not sad enough to find random lyrics though.

Ah go on... I'll have a random listen to my collection and find you one...

Trying to numb my soul
Trying to keep control
But I'm falling
Yes I'm falling
The resistor has been breaking down inside me
Posted by Ed at March 19, 2003 2:31 AM | Depressed |